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ALLO - ULTRA 1600 - Disposable Vape - Spearmint

ALLO - ULTRA 1600 - Disposable Vape - Spearmint

SKU: ALLO-1600-D-SPMT-01

Allo’s Spearmint stands out among other mint flavours with the cool, smooth taste of the spearmint leaf. You’ll feel the chill with every puff!


Warning: May contain traces of mint and/or menthol.


More Puffs. Up to 1600 puffs in each device

Longer Lasting. 6mL of liquid and 1000mAh battery for increased lifespan

Elevated Experience. Integrated with a mesh coil and smart chipset for consistent flavour quality and vapour production

Better Value. More puffs and longer battery life at a lower price point, providing more value for your money

Incredible Flavours. Available in the satisfying Allo flavours you know and love. Hand crafted by our team to stand out amongst the rest.

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