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Gas Gang - Forbidden Fruit Vol. 3 - Sativa

Gas Gang - Forbidden Fruit Vol. 3 - Sativa

SKU: GG-FF-S-V301-1011

Forbidden Fruit ~ Gas Gang Official Vol. 3


Forbidden Fruit - SATIVA - Many historians believed the forbidden to be a fig or an apple. We believe the forbidden fruit to be the cross of Cherry Pie and Tangie. With its dense purple nugs, beautiful dark green foliage and wiry orange hairs, we’re sure God would catch Eve rolling a J of this fruit. The blissful relaxation the strain gives really should be a sin because it feels too damn nice for mortal beings.


Disposable Flavour Vape Pen - 1g

Made with Premium Distillate - No VG & No PG

Lab Tested between 92% - 96%

Charge Port at the bottom of the pen

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