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Gas Gang - Mango OG Vol. 3 - Hybrid

Gas Gang - Mango OG Vol. 3 - Hybrid

SKU: GG-MG-H-V301-1021

Mango OG ~ Gas Gang Official Vol. 3


Mango OG - HYBRID - Named for its distinct fruity taste, Mango OG is the perfect end of the day stress reliever. Known for its bright orange pistils that densely cover the bud, Mango OG will have you feeling calm and relaxed with its weight lifting and euphoric effects. Take a hit (or two) and learn why this bud is appropriately named, Mango OG.


Disposable Flavour Vape Pen - 1g

Made with Premium Distillate - No VG & No PG

Lab Tested between 92% - 96%

Charge Port at the bottom of the pen

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